Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Alive Day

  I am grateful for my Alive Day: January 29, 2004. This is different from a birthday; it’s the day that my life was spared and I was given another chance. 
  It’s the night when insurgents sent three rockets blindly into Baghdad International Airport. No one, not the insurgents or the frightened soldiers scurrying for cover, knew where they would end up. By the grace of God, these three nasty projectiles missed my eight story building by one hundred yards and tore huge holes in the parking lot directly in front of it. Not ten minutes before, I had debated whether or not to go running around the parking lot that night. Something or someone made me choose not to, and this is why I am able to sit here and type this. 

  To say I have a Guardian Angel watching over me is an understatement.

  It was a chance to return home and see my two young sons again. A chance to continue on with my life, as so many others will never have the chance. It was a chance to chase my dreams and make something of myself. 

  I will never again take this life for granted.

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